Anti-Bullying Advocates

Education is the foundation of a child's life. No child should ever be fearful to attend school or be treated unfairly. Over the years, our attorneys have represented numerous students who have been the victim of harassment, intimidation, bullying, discrimination, and other inappropriate forms of conduct while attending school. We understand the difficulties and challenges with a child victim and will fight hard to stop the inappropriate conduct and ensure it doesn't happen again.

Bullying can take many forms. Verbal bullying includes name-calling, teasing, gossiping, and threatening. Physical bullying takes place when a child is physically injured or his or her personal belongings are damaged. A common type of bullying in today's society is cyber bullying where the conduct takes place on social media, the internet, or via cell phone.

West Virginia law requires all public schools to enact and maintain an anti-bullying policy. While schools may have an anti-bullying policy in effect, that policy may not always be enforced. That is there The Moore Law Firm steps in. Bullying and harassment can not only come from other students, but also teachers and school staff. Most bullying and harassment occurs:

  • Online and with social media
  • On the school bus
  • In the hallway
  • During class
  • In the restroom
  • On the playground

Put a stop to bullying immediately before it escalates. Contact the school and advise them of the situation. If the school is unreceptive or does not correct the problem, contact our firm and let us handle the situation.

Our firm has extensive experience representing students who have been the victim of bullying and harassment and will work tirelessly to put it to a complete stop. The Moore Law Firm has litigated numerous bullying cases with successful results. Call one of our experienced attorneys to discuss your child's situation.