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Disclaimer: The results of prior cases are intended to provide information regarding the law firm’s experience in handling different type of cases. Past results cannot and do not predict future results. The Moore Law Firm, PLLC makes no guarantees or promises that the same results can be obtained for clients in future cases, even if the case is similar in nature. Each case is evaluated and decided based upon specific facts, witnesses, strengths, weaknesses, and many other factors. Please do not assume that you can receive the same result as listed below.


Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

$825,000.00 – Motorist struck by tractor trailer resulting in death. Settlement was obtained prior to filing suit.

$500,000.00 – Tractor trailer accident.

$365,000.00 – Motorcycle accident. Settlement obtained prior to filing suit.

$325,000.00 – Motor vehicle accident. Settlement obtained prior to filing suit.

Settlement for Full Policy Limits Under All Available Insurance Policies – Two individuals were rounding a turn when the vehicle lost control. Both men were killed. A settlement was obtained for full policy limits under all available insurance policies.

$116,000.00 – Settlement obtained during litigation for individual struck by motor vehicle.

$100,000.00 – Pedestrian struck in crosswalk.

$90,000.00 – Motor vehicle accident involving minor.

Settlement for Full Policy Limits Under All Available Insurance Policies – Lady killed in motor vehicle accident.

Confidential Settlement – Female college student injured in physical attack by another student.

Confidential Settlement – High school female injured at school.

Confidential Settlement – Blue collar worker injured on-the-job.

Civil Litigation

$150,000.00 – Breach of fiduciary duty involving an Estate. Settlement obtained after filing suit.

Six Figure Settlement – Disabled student mistreated by aide while in care of school.

Dismissal – Our firm represented the Executor of a multi-million dollar Estate in a Will dispute. Summary judgment was obtained for our client, dismissing the suit, and the Supreme Court affirmed on appeal.

Confidential Settlement – Student bullied at school. Settlement obtained after suit was filed but prior to trial.

$50,000.00 – Settlement for property damage as a result of driver negligence.

Confidential Settlement – Elementary school female harassed at school. Settlement obtained prior to filing suit.

Confidential Settlement – Commercial dispute involving royalty payments. Settlement obtained after filing suit.

Confidential Settlement – Breach of contract involving business advertising. Settlement obtained after filing suit.

Confidential Settlement – Breach of warranty against national manufacturer. Settlement obtained after filing suit.

Confidential Settlement for Full Policy Limits Under Two Insurance Policies – Insured was involved in single vehicle motor vehicle accident. Both the individual’s personal insurance company and the insurance company for the vehicle denied coverage. Case settled with one insurance company prior to filing suit for the full limits of available coverage. Shortly after filing suit against the other insurance company, a policy limits offer was made and accepted.

Employment Law

Confidential Settlement – Young mother terminated for taking FMLA leave.

Confidential Settlement – Female worker sexually harassed by supervisor.

Three Times Wages Owed – Judgment obtained for two restaurant workers who were not paid final wages upon separation.

Confidential Settlement – Blue collar worker terminated day after being injured on-the-job.

Over Three Times Wages Owed – Settlement obtained shortly after filing suit for unpaid wages.

Confidential Settlement – Elderly lady terminated based upon age and perceived disability.

Confidential Settlement – Gentlemen terminated for exercising rights under workers’ compensation and perceived disability.

Confidential Settlement – Employer failed to pay final wages upon separation.

Criminal Defense

Dismissal – Heavily covered by the media, a student was charged with Second Degree Sexual Assault. Attorney Jared T. Moore aggressively attacked the State’s case with voluminous pre-trial and suppression motions. The charge was dismissed with prejudice.

Acquittal – In a case that drew statewide attention, a gentleman was indicted for felony charges of Threatening to Commit a Terroristic Act and Conveying False Information of a Terroristic Act. Following a three day trial, and destructive cross examinations of the prosecution’s key witnesses, the jury acquitted the gentleman on all charges.

Dismissal – Despite overwhelming evidence – including a full confession – Jared T. Moore got a substantial part of the State’s evidence thrown out at a suppression hearing based upon an illegal traffic stop. The prosecutor dismissed the felony offense of Manufacturing a Controlled Substance (Marijuana).

Favorable Plea – Former office worker was indicted for embezzling over $90,000.00 from a local business. After filing a surprise suppression motion, Jared T. Moore’s plea negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a deferred plea to a misdemeanor.

Favorable Plea – Individual was indicted for two counts of Attempted Murder, two counts of Wanton Endangerment Involving a Firearm, and Domestic Assault. Attorney Jared T. Moore’s representation of the individual resulted in the individual entering a plea to Domestic Assault and Brandishing, both misdemeanors. The individual was placed on probation for three years.

Acquittal – Client was charged with growing of marijuana. Despite a video evidencing the client’s actions, Attorney Jerry D. Moore persuaded the jury to acquit the client on all charges.

Dismissal – After being indicted for Possession with Intent to Deliver and Felony Conspiracy, Attorney Jared T. Moore filed a series of pre-trial motions directly attacking the State’s evidence. Shortly thereafter, the prosecuting attorney moved to dismiss all charges.

Favorable Plea ­– Client was initially charged with Financial Exploitation and Abuse of an Incapacitated Adult, both felonies. Jared T. Moore was appointed by the Court and immediately filed a series of motions that resulted in a plea to misdemeanor charges and probation.

Acquittal – Client faced charges of Brandishing a Deadly Weapon, Possession of Marijuana, Battery on an Officer, and Obstructing an Officer. Following a single day trial in which Attorney Jared T. Moore revealed several inconsistencies during cross examination of the police officers, the jury acquitted the client on all charges.

Plea to Reduced Charge – Defendant was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, a felony. Even though defendant gave a full confession, Attorney Jared T. Moore was able to obtain a plea to simple possession, a misdemeanor, prior to the preliminary hearing.

Favorable Plea – Man was charged with nine felonies: four counts of Fraudulent Use of an Access Device, four counts of Forgery, and one count of Embezzlement. After a preliminary hearing but prior to indictment, The Moore Law Firm, PLLC secured a plea to fraudulent schemes, a misdemeanor. The man paid a $100 fine plus restitution.

Diversion/Dismissal ­– Husband and wife were both charged with battery involving an altercation with other individuals. Following a diversionary period of six months, the charges were dismissed.

Dismissal – Individual was charged with second offense Domestic Battery. Attorney Jared T. Moore demanded a jury trial based upon the evidence. On the eve of the jury trial, the prosecuting attorney dismissed the charge.

Acquittal ­– Individual was charged with Assault against a neighbor. Jury entered verdict of Not Guilty.

Favorable Plea – Defendant was indicted for eight counts of Fraudulent Use of an Access Device, one count of Grand Larceny, and one Count of Petit Larceny. In total, the Defendant faced up to 91 years in prison. Attorney Jared T. Moore rigorously attacked the prosecution’s case. The Defendant ultimately entered a “no contest” plea to one count of Fraudulent Use of an Access Device, one count of joyriding, and one count of petit larceny. He was sentenced to one year, with his time running at the same time as other charges in a different county.

Dismissal Juvenile charged with DUI under 21. After multiple motions filed by The Moore Law Firm, PLLC and a delay in the proceedings, the Court dismissed the charge.

Favorable Plea – Defendant was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, a felony. Following a preliminary hearing, but prior to a grand jury indictment, Attorney Jared T. Moore secured a favorable plea to simple possession, a misdemeanor. The defendant paid a minimal fine.

Plea to Reduced Charge – Individual was charged with DUI (alcohol and marijuana). The Moore Law Firm, PLLC suppressed the individual’s statement to law enforcement that he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day. A plea to reckless driving was then obtained.

Favorable Plea – Client was indicted by a grand jury for Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver. Approximately two pounds and ten ounces of marijuana was seized from the client’s vehicle following a traffic stop. Initially, the prosecutor and law enforcement were insistent that the client serve time in the penitentiary. After an aggressive attack on the search and seizure by Attorney Jared T. Moore, the prosecuting attorney offered a plea to simple possession, a misdemeanor. The client was sentenced to 6 months home confinement.

Diversion/Dismissal – Individual was charged with petit larceny in municipal court. A pre-trial diversion was obtained on her behalf. The charge was dismissed and expunged.

Dismissal – Individual was charged with Violating a Protective Order. On the eve of a jury trial, Attorney Jared T. Moore moved to dismiss the charge on a technicality. The Court granted the motion, and the charge was dismissed.

Favorable Plea – Defendant was charged with being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm, a felony that carries a penalty of confinement for up to five years and a $5,000 fine. After Attorney Jared T. Moore successfully suppressed the defendant’s confession, the defendant plead “no contest” to a misdemeanor and paid the minimum fine.

Dismissal – Police officer alleged individual made Terroristic Threats, which is a felony and carries a period of incarceration of one to three years and a fine of $5,000 to $25,000. Following Attorney Jared T. Moore’s discussions with the prosecuting attorney prior to the preliminary hearing, the charge was completely dismissed.