Criminal Charges in the City of Morgantown Municipal Court

Charged with a criminal offense or citation in the City of Morgantown Municipal Court? Not to worry - The Moore Law Firm is here to help. Known for their courtroom demeanor and effective motion practice, the attorney at The Moore Law Firm is the best choice for representing you in The City of Morgantown Municipal Court. Whether issued a citation for Underage Consumption, charged with Obstructing an Officer, or any other charges in Municipal Court, we will fight to minimize the consequences.

Attorney Jared T. Moore is a seasoned criminal defense attorney. He is well-known for obtaining great results for his clients and causing worry for his opponents. From the moment Jared first meets with you, he will begin to put together a defense strategy for your case. As the case progresses, he will keep you up-to-date with all developments. What sets Jared apart from other attorneys is his reachability and dependability. Jared makes it a priority to keep his clients informed, and he makes himself available to answer any questions. With Jared as your attorney, you will never have to guess what is going on with you case.

The City of Morgantown Municipal Court is a court of law that handles the enforcement of ordinances in The City of Morgantown. Like other courts, there is a judge, a prosecutor, and a court clerk. Hearings in the City of Morgantown are typically held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Municipal Court is located at 389 Spruce Street. Parking is located in the rear of the building in the parking garage.

Jared T. Moore has handled voluminous cases in The City of Morgantown Municipal Court. He is familiar with the procedure and the court personnel. Some o f the more common cases in The City of Morgantown Municipal Court include:

  • Fake ID § 351.09
  • Public Intoxication § 521.06(a)
  • Open Container § 521.06(b)
  • Underage Possess/Consumption § 521.06(g) or § 521.08
  • Disorderly Conduct § 509.01
  • Indecent Exposure § 517.08
  • Noise Violation § 527.03
  • Battery on Law Enforcement Officer § 529.021 or 529.04
  • Possession of Controlled Substance § 529.03
  • Littering § 523.02
  • Shoplifting § 533.01
  • Trespassing § 533.02
  • Destruction of Property § 533.03
  • Petit Larceny § 533.04

The Moore Law Firm has had great success representing individuals charged in The City of Morgantown Municipal Court. Depending on the nature of the charge and an individual's past criminal history, criminal charges may be subject to dismissal and expungement.

If you are charged in The City of Morgantown Municipal Court, call The Moore Law Firm today. We will work hard to minimize the consequences and make sure you are represented at the highest level.

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