Benefits of Expungement

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Benefits of Expungement

Why You Should Expunge Your WV Criminal Record

There are many benefits a criminal expungement can have on your personal and professional life. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people reach out to us for help with expunging their criminal record.


An overwhelming majority of individuals seek an expungement for employment purposes. Most employers will run a criminal background check on an applicant. Let’s face it, no one wants to explain the circumstances surrounding a criminal conviction from back in college during a job interview, nor do they want to disclose a one-time mistake from years ago on an employment application. Applying for a job and going through the interview process is stressful enough. With a successful expungement, you won’t have to worry about explaining or disclosing a past mistake.

Credit/Getting a Loan

Like employers, loan agencies also ask for and run a background check for information related to an applicant’s prior criminal record. A criminal record can prohibit you from obtaining a loan even though your criminal record has nothing to do with theft, embezzlement, or fraud. An expungement can eliminate any red flag a criminal record may have when trying to borrow money.


Our attorneys are in the courthouse almost daily. Routinely, we see someone from a rental agency or a landlord searching to see if a potential tenant has a criminal record. In addition, many rental applications ask for a renter’s criminal history. Landlords are more likely to rent to someone without a criminal record as opposed to someone with a criminal history. An expungement can eliminate the risk of being passed over for housing because of a criminal record.

Social Reasons

Almost anything can be found on the internet, including a person’s criminal record. No one wants to be perceived differently because of a criminal record. No one wants to be excluded from a club or organization because a past mistake. No one wants to be removed from the invitation list for a neighborhood gathering because of something that happened years ago and is not a reflection of your true character. An expungement can alleviate those worries and eliminate the burdens of a criminal record.

Peace of Mind

Arguably the most important reason for an expungement is peace of mind – knowing that a past mistake will not hurt or burden you anymore. When an expungement is complete, your criminal record can not only be removed from paper, but it can also be removed from your mind.

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Case Results

A Reputation for Success throughout West Virginia
  • Dismissal

    Heavily covered by the media, a student was charged with Second Degree Sexual Assault. Attorney Jared T. Moore aggressively attacked the State’s case with voluminous pre-trial and suppression motions. The charge was dismissed with prejudice.

  • Acquittal

    In a case that drew statewide attention, a gentleman was indicted for felony charges of Threatening to Commit a Terroristic Act and Conveying False Information of a Terroristic Act. Following a three-day trial, and destructive cross examinations of the prosecution’s key witnesses, the jury acquitted the gentleman on all charges.

  • Dismissal

    Despite overwhelming evidence – including a full confession – Jared T. Moore got a substantial part of the State’s evidence thrown out at a suppression hearing based upon an illegal traffic stop. The prosecutor dismissed the felony offense of Manufacturing a Controlled Substance (Marijuana).

  • Favorable Plea

    Former office worker was indicted for embezzling over $90,000.00 from a local business. After filing a surprise suppression motion, Jared T. Moore’s plea negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a deferred plea to a misdemeanor.

  • Dismissal

    Client was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver after drugs, a large amount of cash, cells phone, and digital scales were seized during a traffic stop. Jared T. Moore filed a suppression motion that raised a novel issue of law under the Fourth Amendment. The prosecutor agreed with Jared’s analysis and dismissed the felony.