Morgantown DUI Defense Lawyers

Do not try to resolve an allegation of drunk driving on your own. Your criminal and administrative case is far too complex to plead guilty and deal with the consequences that come from a conviction.

Time is of the essence in contacting a skilled and seasoned DUI defense lawyer.

Skilled And Hardworking Criminal Defense Attorneys At Your Side

During your initial consultation at The Moore Law Firm, PLLC, we will educate you on the options you have under West Virginia law. From there, we attend to every detail surrounding your DUI arrest, criminal charge, and administrative procedure. We review all evidence and conduct a thorough analyses and review of your case.

Attorney Jerry D. Moore is a former prosecuting attorney and circuit judge with insight into the opposing side. Attorney Jared T. Moore has extensive experience in defending DUI cases. Effective and successful DUI defenses exist when an attorney knows where to find weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

In addition to the criminal proceedings before the magistrate court, administrative proceedings before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can lead to the possible suspension or restriction of your driver's license. As a time-sensitive process, you need to request an administrative hearing within 30 days after receiving an Order of Revocation from the DMV. Not taking that necessary step leads to automatic license suspension.

Minimizing The Severe Consequences You Face Following A DUI Arrest

A significant percentage of the Morgantown population is college students attending West Virginia University (WVU). An underage DUI conviction can have a drastic impact on their lives. Criminal records can negatively impact student loans, work applications, and commercial driver's license pursuits.

Regardless of your age or background, our objective is to minimize the severe consequences that result from a DUI conviction.

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