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In West Virginia, it is illegal to make threats or commit violence against a person outside of situations of self-defense. If you were charged with a violent crime, you could face thousands of dollars in fines and imprisonment. It is crucial that you get help from an experienced Morgantown violent crime lawyer who can protect you. At The Moore Law Firm, PLLC, we know how troubling it can feel to be accused of a crime, and we want to help you protect your future. Let us defend you.

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Defending against Your Charges

The first thing you should do when you are arrested is call an attorney. Do not speak with police or any other government representatives before doing so. While these officials may tell you they want to help you protect yourself, the truth is they will use any of your statements against you.

You should call The Moore Law Firm, PLLC right away if you were charged with:

If you are convicted of a violent crime, the consequences can affect you for years down the road. Our firm can help you determine your next move. Depending on what will best help your outcome, our team can negotiate as necessary or litigate in court.

Morgantown Domestic Violence Defense

Accused of Allegedly Committing Domestic Harm?

Domestic violence, often called domestic abuse, is a criminal offense in which a person is threatened, physically harmed or verbally torn down by an intimate partner, friend or family member.

Domestic violence can include:

  • Spousal abuse
  • Emotional terrorizing
  • Threats
  • Physical harm

if you are facing possible charges, seek the compassionate defense of a Morgantown domestic violence lawyer from The Moore Law Firm, PLLC to fight these serious accusations.

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When you meet with our criminal defense team, we will review the details of your case, examine the evidence against you, and review whether or not the charges against you are legitimate. There are many different defenses that can help you ensure you are not falsely accused or excessively punished, such as demonstrating you were only acting in self-defense or that you and the other party engaged in a consensual act. We can discuss your options during a consultation.

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